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Take a moment to look around you. How many photographs do you see? Magazines, newspapers, advertisements, television, internet, CD covers, DVD’s, business cards, books, nearly everything we interact with uses photography.

The transformation of film to digital, inexpensive digital cameras, cell phones, have all put taking pictures into our everyday lives. We take pictures for granted.

So why hire a photographer when anyone can take pictures these days? Why pay a premium price when if you look hard enough you’ll find someone to do it for way less or even free?

Have you ever taken a picture with your cell phone, or even your pocket camera and take it down to be printed? How does it look? How large can you print your picture? How much detail is preserved?

Do the same thing with a medium sized camera, if you can afford it. Use better lenses. Use Photoshop even to smooth skin tones or change the image into something completely different.

Now compare any of those images with the images you see here. None of these images are smoothed or altered. They are just as clear at 24” x 36”. The equipment we use and the images we capture are markedly superior. From web images to bulletin boards and everything between, the quality is noticeable.

You deserve the same quality images, whether it’s for your business, your family, your home or friends. You even deserve it just for you. Talk to us about your next project. You’ll be glad you did.

Specializing in custom works of art for your home or business.


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